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Wheelie Waste Director Gary Barton with his son Jack, 3, in one of the smaller, more manoeuvrable trucks.

Warrnambool receives new trucks for the new contract

Three new trucks are making the navigation of Warrnambool’s smaller streets and courts easier for waste contractor Wheelie Waste.

The Warrnambool company was recently awarded the city’s waste management contract for the next six years, and has introduced the new smaller wheelbase trucks on several routes.

Wheelie Waste Director Gary Barton said the new trucks used a 14-metre body – four metres shorter than the ones they replace.

“It means they have a smaller turning circle and makes them much more user-friendly,” he said.

‘Some of the streets and courts in the new developments are quite narrow, or hammer-headed, which makes turning difficult , so a slightly smaller turning circle makes a huge difference.”

Mr Barton said the new trucks were also fitted with a specially designed GPS system and cameras.

“We developed the GPS system with a New South Wales based company. When the driver gets in, they punch in their details and the database brings up their route. It doesn’t allow the driver to change the route around, so there will be consistency in collection times for the customers. And the cameras will allow us to determine if bins have been missed by the driver, or if they weren’t out on the kerb in time.”

Warrnambool City Infrastructure Services Director, Peter Robertson said one of the new trucks would service outlying areas of the city, while a “split-truck” was making collections in Bushfield and Woodford areas.

It’s a compartmentalised vehicle that keeps garbage separate from recyclables, but allows both to be collected by the same truck,” he said.


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