Environment & Safety

Wheelie Waste – Waste Management Plan

The company manages waste through various procedures which ensures a reduction in the quantity of contaminants as well as the minimisation of waste generation.


  • The trade waste drain shall only be used for the disposal of wash water, not for any other waste disposal, which may contain chemical mixes such as strippers and seaters
  • chemical usage shall be monitored to reduce overall consumption
  • the recycling of paper, glass and plastic containers shall be practised
  • energy management shall focus on power (electricity and gas) and water usage through a process of education and review and improvement of work practices.

Waste Assessment:

  • A waste assessment and review is conducted on each site to determine current practices and measures of compliance to the company’s objectives and targets.

Evaluation and Feasibility:

  • The resultant gap analysis provides indicators of performance as the focus of continual improvement.

Progress Review

  • Progress is monitored by at least an annual review of:
  • energy usage (comparative figures)
  • audit of procedures
  • measurement of consumption of chemicals usage
  • measurement of recyclable through audit of current practices.


Quarterly measures of improvement are reported to depot and Company Managers. An annual report is generated by the Company and disseminated to interested parties.

Occupational Health & Safety Statement

Wheelie Waste Pty Ltd recognise the importance of ensuring the facilities, vehicles and equipment used by employees in their everyday work provides a safe, hazard free environment.

We believe our safety performance is second to none.

Our management has achieved this through our ongoing commitment and close supervision of the operations.

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Wheelie Waste Pty Ltd employees continually assess the workplace for potential hazards and ensure the continual maintenance and improvement of health and safety. Within the depot and field operations, the following areas of safety are addressed:

  • Environment – heat and noise exposure;
  • Safety equipment and apparel;
    Manual handling of machinery and equipment;
  • Environment factors;
    Infectious diseases risks (eg, Hepatitis);
  • Equipment and workplace ergonomics;
  • and Dangerous goods management.
  • The culture of the organisation will embrace the fundamentals of OH&S. This philosophy will become a cornerstone of the organisation ethos.

OH&S & The Environment

The management of risks in terms of OH&S and the environment are considered an important factor. They provide both a safe working environment and also community safety and environment responsibilities, which are considered a composite part of the Wheelie Waste management system.

Procedures and plans are established and maintained to manage health, safety and the environment.

Records of the effectiveness of such systems are maintained and monitored.

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