Household Waste

Garbage Bin DO’s

  • Place your bin facing the road, wheels and handles to the house.
  • Place your bin where it can be easily seen.
  • Missed bins are often due to sight vision (overgrowing trees, bushes and parked cars).
  • Place your bin out the evening prior to collection, as pick up can occur any time after midnight, except in Warrnambool where bins must be placed out by 9pm.

Garbage Bin DONT’S

  • Bins should not be overflowing.
  • Do not place hot ashes in your bin.
  • Do not place sharp objects in your bin without wrapping.
  • Do not place green waste in plastic bags
  • Do not place planter pots in green waste bin.

Correct Bin Placement

  • Bin wheels and handles facing away from the road.
  • Bin's cannot be collected from the bowl of courts, please place bins on the straight section of the road.
  • Bin close to the edge of the kerb.
  • Bins to be at least 1 meter apart.
  • Please ensure that bin lids close easily.

Lost, stolen or damaged bins?
Contact Wheelie Waste or your local council office.

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Business and Private Collections
240 litre wheelie bins for general waste, recycling and organics
Waste from Building Sites in Shepparton area only
3 metre bin
Front Lift Service – Shepparton area only
Includes emptying of 3 metre bins for General Waste and Recycling

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